Telemedicine Is the Future

There can surely be no doubt about it; the easier you can connect to your customer-base, and the easier it is for you to interact and coordinate your services, the better both client and customer will be for it. It’s a basic logic of commerce that has seen the rise of e-commerce, and the rise of those companies that were able to adapt to the online world most effectively.

The same logic has been applied to the healthcare industry in the form of e-services, and the benefits available to both you and your (potential) patients are numerous.

Her’s the top 5 reasons why telemedicine is the future, and why you should gain the advantage over your competitors by taking advantage of it first.

Premium Choice for Patients

Bit of a no-brainer this one, the increased level of choice for patients using apps means this industry will only continue to grow at an increasing rate.

Researching doctors and clinics before the online age was an arduous task, and even finding out where to find a decent list of local service-providers could be very frustrating.

Now, with an increasing number of patients choosing telemedicine as their point-of-access for medical care, you will have to adapt to the new age and embrace telemedicine and e-services. The alternative means falling behind the competition.

Brilliant Efficiency

The benefits are not just for the patients though. The new generation of medical apps offer many useful features, from online consultations, file sharing, remote data monitoring, to instant online payments. It can also help prevent unnecessary appointments or admissions taking up your valuable time and therefor increasing your productivity. It really is a game-changer for a doctor, and I am certain once you have given a mobile healthcare app a chance you will soon wonder how you ever managed without it.

Catering for More Isolated Patients

Improving care for patients in more isolated, under-serviced or rural areas has been a problem as far back as healthcare has existed. Without jumping the gun, I think it is now safe to say that telemedicine and e-services are the biggest single step forward that this area of healthcare has ever taken. From home-monitoring, online video consultations, to managing visitations and ordering medication for delivery, telemedicine has now opened up a new corner of the market, and you could be benefiting from this market and seeing your business grow.

Increased Networking

Medical apps allow specialists to connect with care facilities, hospitals and clinics with ease. This improves the care service across the board for all patients, and can eliminate the need for patients to be moved between facilities and away from their families in some cases.

Ease of Payment

Not only do e-services mean a more cost-effective service and better value for patients, but the instant online payment over the app can save you a lot of headaches when it comes to finance. As well as this, you can earn on-call pay when providing tele-consulting.

Telemedicine, and in particular e-services are only going to grow and further develop in the future, it is certainly wise to ensure you are riding the crest of this wave forward,and not being left behind in its wake.

Promote Health and Wellness for Many With Telemedicine Services

Long gone are the days when medical professionals made rounds to the home of their patients via horse and carriage. During this time, patients were friendly, patient, and valued your presence. Nowadays, the scenario depicts a different picture. Huge hospitals and crowded clinics have replaced the patient’s home or small doctor’s office. Five story, congested parking lots have replaced the horse and carriage, and demanding patients, with unpleasant attitudes have replaced the warm, giving patients of the past. Medical professionals are often tasked with seeing numerous patients in a day, and become overwhelmed by the many demands faced. So, imagine the difference in both the doctor’s and patient’s experience, through incorporating telemedicine services.

Telemedicine allows the patient and doctor to interactively communicate in real time from distant sites. For example, your patient could be on vacation travelling in another state or country, and have the ability to communicate with you directly, instead of trying to connect with an unfamiliar individual in the area they are visiting. For individuals with mental health issues, telemedicine psychiatry is especially helpful during instances that are of critical nature. Emergency rooms treat patients with life threatening injuries first, so when individuals show up that have a mental affliction that is unseen, the individual may or may not receive the prompt attention needed.

Initially, patients may be weary of telemedicine services, and concerned about confidentiality. So, ensuring that secure telehealth practices are in place will be important. It is human nature to feel cautious at first, when anything new is attempted. Think back to when you purchased your first cellphone, you were probably a bit nervous at first, but felt more comfortable each time you used it. No different will the process of acclimating patients to telemedicine psychiatry. Fortunately, the many advancements in technology, such as Skype and Facebook, have undoubtedly prepared patients for the transition from office visits to telemedicine services.

Ideally, telemedicine services will eventually include individuals outside of private insurance coverage, which will equate to a more mentally healthy world. Increased accessibility to psychiatric services, will support better health and wellness for individuals that may otherwise slip between the cracks of bureaucratic health care systems. There are many individuals suffering because they have not received much needed psychiatric services, so offering secure telehealth will put them on path to maintaining a healthy balance. It is of the utmost importance that medicine reaches the “rural” and under served population and telehealth is a solution.